Life-Long Learning Foster Success

One of the things that everyone, especially entrepreneurs, must embrace is life-long learning. This is because one of the causes of failure is that entrepreneurs are not able to keep up with the pace of technology, the competition and new skill sets, and services required by ever-changing demands from customers.

Learning should be a joy, not a chore. Some people think that once they have achieved a certain level of success they can stop learning and the momentum of their success will just drive them on to greater success.

For some reasons, many people do not enjoy the learning process. It seems like heavy work to them and they have many excuses for it. Some of my best friends tell me, “Gary, what’s the point of learning and knowing so many things?

We don’t become rich just by having more knowledge, you know.” Or, “Gary, do you know what the most important factor for financial success is? Luck, not knowledge. We don’t need to learn so many new things.” I have a buddy who has an MBA. He tells me that we can find many reasons for failure, but there is no reason for success. Only luck.

Perhaps they have come to the correct conclusion that entrepreneurship is a practical subject that cannot be taught but can be learned. It’s like swimming or riding a bicycle. No amount of theory can replace jumping into the pool or getting on that bicycle.

Some theorize that reading and learning too much can result in paralysis of analysis. It’s true. Some say we fail because we read and learn too much. But I believe that is not true. However, reading the wrong stuff can result in failure. I know people who read tons of stuff but some of that stuff that they read is toxic. We should learn from the experts or people who have been successful for a long time.

If we read stuff written about business and entrepreneurship written by academics who have no practical experience it is easy to get wrong information and biases. This may prove harmful and prevent us in future from learning the correct way of doing things from successful people. We have been taught wrongly by people who have not actually done it but who teach us how to do it. And we could be carrying some wrong concepts with us for a long time.


Continuous learning is the key to success
Learn new ways to increase the sales and revenue for your business. Learn more efficient productions methods. Learn new ways to obtain cheap funding. Learn how to take your business to a whole new level. Learn how to use your profits to invest in passive income generating projects.