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The principal mission of online learning is to enhance student access to the academic programs. 

How to be a successful person

Successful people look for positive aspects in others because they understand the importance of cultivating confidence and growth. Feeling the need to criticize in a way that isn’t serving another constructively is showing a sense of disunity, disallowing the creative energy to flow and stalling success along the way.


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The Most Important Skills Entrepreneurs Need

Every entrepreneur needs to be an effective communicator.Whether a person is a solo entrepreneur or runs a Fortune 500 company, they need to understand how to communicate effectively to all stakeholders and potential stakeholders that touch the business.

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Amy Lim

Stronger Than Before

I know I have learned to look at the problem I am facing in the eye and do everything I can to solve it. I will tell myself that I have learned a lot. I have survived. I have become much stronger than I was before. This is the reason when I wrote this my life is like a caterpillar, there is saying where I have seen somewhere yet remembers it from time to time.


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Anis Sahab

Dust off and Try Again

Shortly after signing the retrenchment letter, my former colleague and I agreed to try implementing similar project by ourselves. We geared up our team, and we kick-start the project named “Graduate Employability Programme”. 


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Life-Long Learning Fosters Success

One of the things that everyone, especially entrepreneurs, must embrace is life-long learning. This is because one of the causes of failure is that entrepreneurs are not able to keep up with the pace of technology, the competition and new skill sets, and services required by ever-changing demands from customers.

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Success in My Eyes

Reaching the top of the tree in one’s chosen occupation or profession is the usual standard by which success in life is measured. Thus, success would be in inverse ratio to material advancement.

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