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To be the leading private higher education institution in promoting knowledge, lifelong learning and kaizen.

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Researching options to study often confusing – options and factors to consider. You may find yourself asking, “Where will I achieve the best outcomes? Do I want to study and be part of a real business? How can I make the right decision for my future?”

At Premier College, we instil KAIZEN into our teaching and learning methodologies. KAIZEN means continuous improvement in personal life, home life, social life, and working life. When applied to the higher education, KAIZEN means continuing improvement involving the way we educate and the way you learn.

Experience Real Business

Study while experiencing real business environment

The Way We Teach

Creative approach through a holistic teaching practise

Our Mission

" To create renowned graduates who are recognised internationally

and highly-sought by employers. "

Our Courses

Diploma in Entrepreneurship

Develop your entrepreneurial skills through innovation and equip yourself with the fundamental knowledge of entrepreneurship

Diploma in Business Management

Combining academic theory and real business experience with up-to-date approach to the world of business today

Diploma in Digital Marketing

Acquire the essential Digital Marketing skills and techniques to promote brand and products via digital media platform

We help to build your future

Why Choose Us


Real Business Study

Study and analyse business information while learning how to plan and carry out business solutions for all kinds of situations.


Competitive Fees

We offer competitive tuition fee as well as a range of financial aid, discounts and scholarships.


Bring in Japanese Value

Adaption of Kaizen principles to teaching and learning to sustain continuous quality improvement in higher education.


Nurture Entrepreneurs

Nurture and develop students’ entrepreneurial skills and instilling the right foundation in supporting their business development.

Not Sure What To Pursue?

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