Premier College

Why was Premier College founded?

ELS Language Centres (ELS) has been conducting quality English language proficiency programmes since 1990. Subsequently, Premier College was founded to address the need for competent English language teachers. To this end, a teacher training programme leading to the TESOL Certificate course was started ten years ago and since then, many effective English language teachers have been trained. In 2012, the ELS Diploma in TESOL was launched to train more English language teachers. Today Premier College is at a stage where it aspires to be a regional English language teacher education centre.

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What makes us unique?

While the ELS’ TESOL Certificate course is validated by ELS US, our Diploma in TESOL is fully accredited by the MQA. Teacher education and training in ELT is conducted by teaching personnel who are well qualified, competent and experienced. Personalised instruction and small classes ensure that students receive sufficient coaching, attention and support. The ELS Certified Intensive English Programme (CIEP) classes comprising international students that run concurrently with TESOL programmes provide authentic contexts for classroom observation and practical teaching. For those who wish to give back to society, an opportunity is built into the programme for community service.


Why Choose ELS?


Recognised by Universities

The ELS Advanced Level Certification is recognised by more than 650 universities around the world as proof of English language proficiency for admissions in place of IELTS or TOEFL scores.

Leader in English Language Teaching

With our proven teaching methods, highly qualified teachers and our own carefully designed curriculum, ELS ensures your academic success.

Trained Professional Instructors

Our instructors, local and expatriate, are professional, highly qualified and experienced people who are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

Student-centered Learning

At ELS, we are with you every step of the way – from the time you enrol till the time you graduate.

Best in Education Technology

From our online lessons to classroom facilities, ELS students experience learning using the best in education technology.

Exclusive ELS Textbooks

Written by respected authors, ELS textbooks are exclusively designed to support its specialised curriculum.

University Placement Services

ELS counsellors are trained and certified to provide counselling for students seeking to join a university in Malaysia and abroad.